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Class Summary 19-Aug-2012

posted Aug 25, 2012, 4:53 PM by Balvihar Administrator   [ updated Sep 7, 2013, 12:23 PM ]
1st Class!
Hello everyone and welcome to the 2012-2013 year at the Balvihar School of St. Louis. We have a great group of kids and I look forward to teaching them this year. On our first day, we made Ganesha bookmarks and taught the children the OM symbol and how to draw a Ganesha. Please have your child bring a bag and a pencil/marker box to next class, this Sunday the 26th. Also I have checked and as we discussed in our meeting, the youth teachers that take kids to yoga/bhajans will bring your kids to the lobby to be picked up, NOT THE CLASSROOM. If you are interested in parent volunteering, please contact me at for more information. Thank you and see you Sunday. 
~Tejasvi Subramanian, K1 teacher