Class Summary

9/13/20 A for Aspiration

posted Sep 22, 2020, 7:09 PM by Balvihar Teachers K1

We reviewed what we learned about Ganesha. Then, we talked a little bit about Shiva. We will keep reviewing Gods and Goddesses throughout the year but please reinforce at home. 

We then moved on to letter A for Aspiration. We talked about what aspiration meant and what the kids aspire to be when they grow up. They all have great aspirations! Thanks for sharing their beautiful drawings.

We went over how Arjun became the best archer by focusing and working hard by practicing. The kids saw a video clip where Arjun shoots the eye of the bird using his bow and arrow with accuracy. The moral of the story was that you have to focus to be successful in your aspiration.

Our next class is on 9/27.

8/30/20 Summary

posted Sep 9, 2020, 2:41 PM by Balvihar Teachers K1

Loved getting to know the K1 kids. Beautiful Ganesha drawings by the kids as we learned a little about Ganesha. As promised, here is a step by step guide to draw Ganesha.

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